Lagos Laws You Can Use To Protect The Girl Child Against Sexual Abuse

The Child’s Rights Law 2007 of Lagos State, states that a child is a person under the age of eighteen (18) years.
Because children, especially the girl child is a weak member of the society, the Law has been given sharp teeth to protect her.

Below are the provisions of criminal law of Lagos State that cam be used to protect the girl child.


135. (1) Any person who unlawfully and indecently deals with a child commits a felony, and is liable on conviction to a child. imprisonment for seven (7) years.

(2) The term “deal with” includes doing any act which, if done without consent, would constitute an assault


139. (1) Any person having the custody, charge or care of a child who has attained the age of four years and allows that child to reside in or frequent a brothel, commits of a felony and is liable on conviction to a fine of Ninety Thousand Naira or to imprisonment for six months or to both.

(2) If at the trial of a person charged with an offence under this Law the facts proved in evidence justify a conviction for an offence against this section, the person charged may be convicted of the offence against this section although he was not charged with that offence.


141. (1) Any person who with intent that any man may have sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of eighteen years 18, takes her or causes her to be taken out of the custody or protection of her father, mother, or other person having the lawful care or charge of the girl, and against the will of such father or mother or other person, commits a misdemeanour, and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for two years.

(2) It is a defence to a charge of any of the offences defined in this Section to prove that the accused person believed, on reasonable grounds, that the girl was of or above the age of eighteen (18)years.


137. Any person who has sexual intercourse with a child commits a felony, and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for life.

The GirlChild: unscripted and unstoppable

Zikist Movement’s Commentary

Let us sensitize ourselves and others on the extant provisions of this law, that it may be used more bountifuly to counter the scourge of rape and pedophilia bedeviling the society. Let these laws however, not be (ab)used to frame the innocent.

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