Issues Facing Nigerians

It is so saddening to think about Nigeria being in same hardship position year in year out despite the numerous promises we’ve received from self-centred politicians in the past.

Lack of electricity, scarcity of fuel to mention but a few of the issues facing Nigerians day in day out.

Up NEPA is a common house to house shout in Nigeria, up NEPA is synonymous to a shout of joy.

Seeing uncommon good things bring joy to the heart and that’s exactly what electricity is to Nigerians.

We see light once in a while and whenever we see it we make good use of it cause it might go at anytime.

It shouldn’t be so in a resourceful country like Nigeria.

Fuel is another bothering issue in Nigeria. Nigerians at some points in every year have to suffer fuel scarcity.

Both the aforementioned issues cut across every part of Nigeria and Nigerians are not happy about it.


  1. So sad ! That Nigeria is still in the same hardship position year in year out. I can’t imagine that, we are currently facing scarcity of fuel now. May God help us all.

  2. Nigeria issues cannot be solved for now. It takes the grace of God for this country to be clean again from corruption. I look forward to live this country.

  3. @Amihe Jackson that is serious! You mean no light since June? How do you guys charge your phones, iron clothes, watch television etc. May God touch their hearts to restore back the light.

  4. Since on the 3rd of this month July we’ve not seen light yet fuel scarcity. Sometimes I wonder if Nigeria is a country with leaders or the leaders do not know their responsibilities.

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