Idoma group sharply criticises Northern Governors for defending herdsmen

The group cautioned that statements on a sensitive issue like the mindless killing of innocent Nigerians by the herdsmen should be handled with utmost care not to aggravate the already tense situation in parts of the country.

The killing of scores of people by the herdsmen in Agatu, Enugu and other parts of the country has drawn widespread condemnation and soured relations between Fulani herdsmen and other Nigerians. and has made the creation of special reserves for the

It has made the creation of special reserves for the herdsmen more or less an impossible task, given the massive opposition by Nigerians who see it as a subtle move to take ancestral lands from other ethnic groups and hand them over to Fulani herdsmen.

Many Nigerians fear that given what has been going on, any lands handed over could be converted to ancestral lands by the Fulanis and could generate massive conflict with the original owners who would then feel ripped off their ancestral patrimony, which could lead to violence in the future, even years from now.

Source: Idoma group faults northern govs for defending herdsmen – Vanguard News

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