How football injury saved Aaron Ocholi from death

The saying that sometimes misfortunes are blessings in disguise can very clearly be seen in the life of Aaron Ocholi, son of Nigeria’s late Minister of State for Labour. As Nigerians know, Aaron lost his parents and his junior brother, who went to Kaduna for a thanks-giving service. On thier way back they were invoved in a ghastly motor accident, and died.

Aaron Ocholi would have been on that trip, but for the injury – a fracture he sustaned on his right hand.

So, sometimes when bad things happen, take it philosophically, because you dont know what acident you may have missed.

Another example: a man was delayed on his flight by his wife, and he missed his flight. Angrily he attackedhis wife for causing him to miss his flight, only to run back apologizing to his wife and thanking her for delaying his flight after some minutes – because the plane he would have entered had just crashed.

That is why in every situation, we must give thanks.

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