Happy New Year To All Zikists

We want to wish all Zikists a Happy New Year in advance. Let us, followers of Zik remember how he fought for Nigeria’s independence, and let us resolve that in 2017, we shall do our utmost to help push Nigeria out of economic recession.

While we are not the government, we can help do this by advocating for sound economic policies. We should push for the government to exploit coal for electricity. 

If the government should do this alone, the cost of production for thousands of businesses will reduce drastically. More businesses will find it easier to survive.

Share this article on your Facebook and Twitter, so that Nigerians can see it. Let’s start a movement for the exploitation of coal in Nigeria.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Do you know of anything the Zikist Movement should do to move Nigeria forward in 2017? Let’s get your comment below.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


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