First Bank Is Really First In Customer Responsiveness: See Why

by enedoboy

Social Media is King I went to first bank Navy town this morning to replace my debit card, and I met this very saucy customer care attendant. I got into this bank at about 8:15am( I feel nobody should be frustrated by dis time of the day). And I Greeted her ” Good morning Madame”; she immediately replied me; ” Av seen you, go and sit down”. My God! I was so embarrassed but I still didn’t want to exchange words with her dis morning, But wait!!!!!, my ego was at stake here….

So I brought out my tiny phone from my pocket, logged in my twitter app and twitted @firstbankngr… ” This was the tweet- “am @ur navy town branch and a certain atm customer care attendant I greeted good morning replied me “Av seen u”. This is bad!” Then I felt Av been able to vent my anger on my fone without even expecting any response.

Behold brethren, exactly 2 mins later, the manager came down and said to all the customer care attendant ” All of you check your system, Av just been notified from Head office to resolve dis situation, ” who among u attended to dis customer?”. “Seriously i have to give credit to first bank- “THAT WAS SUPER -RESPONSIVE”. No one said anything, all of Dem in fear, including my saucy customer care attendant.

He said, “you all must produce this person”… Its just 5mins ago, which means this person is still in this banking hall”…. Lol, I was just looking at all the drama just a single tweet can cause, I couldn’t tell the manager am the customer because it could cause a job loss.

So I kept my cool, collected my atm and left the banking hall in total confusion btw the manager and his lower staffs. I later tweeted @firstbankngr dat I felt the feedback while I was in d banking hall.

Lesson learnt; if you are a customer care attendant don’t u ever tink u can talk to pple the way u like, pple are now active u knw, don’t u ever underestimate the power of the social media. I decided to tweet without my name,and my tweeter handle has no link to my acc name, so I just saved you ur job ” saucy attendant”….


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