Donald Trump Republican Nomination Is A Case Of The American Dream Come True

Donald Trump faced massive opposition from the Republican elite  during the Republican primaries. So, it took a leap of faith to keep supporting him.

Today, Trump was officially nominated as the candidate for the Republican Party. It is another case of the American dream come true. 

This is a man who had never held political office, but who believed he had a political message America needs to hear. He ran against seasoned Republican politicains, some of whom have spent decades in politics. And he won.

This is a chance for Donald Trump to smoothen the rough edges of his campaign. As a fan of US politics, I look forward to a vibrant election campaign between Trump and Clinton.

Jeb Bush Should Have Listened To Me

I wrote some days ago that Jeb Bush should not just congratulate Trump. I also advised that he attend the convention the same way Hillary Clinton attended the Obama convention in 2008 after losing to Barak Obama. But my suggestions were ignored.

Now the Bush network has been completely overshadowed. Donald Trump (assuming he wins in November) is not going to be there forever and is a deal maker. This was a chance for Jeb Bush to keep the flame of the Bush dynasty out there.

This year may not be the year of compassionate conservatism (the Bush Family Promise), but the Trump convention would have been a good opportunity to advertise it. But with the absence of the Bush family flag bearer, the Bush aura is fading fast in the consciousness of Republicans.

Anyway, I look forward to the Democratic convention (I predicted Hillary Clinton would win even when Sanders was giving her a bloody nose).

American politics is a very interesting part of world politics. Congratulations Mr. Trump.


By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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