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Haiti Bought US Afro American Slaves, Set Them Free & Gave Them Land

Haiti has always been at the forefront of freedom. In fact, Haiti is onw of the bravest true leaders of the free world.

Haiti helped Simon Bolivar free a continent from colonialism on condition that he also ends slavery in any territory he liberates.

Now, new fact has come to light that Haiti also bought slaves from the US, freed them in Haiti and gave them land to start anew.

This country that loves freedom must be supported in its bid to shake off the economic chains it has been tied with!

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Haitian Afro Americans

Chicago Was Founded By A Haitian Afro American

Yes. His name was Jean Baptiste DuSable. Watch the video to see the people of Chicago honour this Haitian.

The screenshot you see hear is the spot where he built his house in what is now known as Chicago. Click to learn more.

I am so happy posting this!

Haitian Afro Americans

Haiti AU Rejection: Offokaja Foundation Drags Libya To African Human Rights Commission

Haiti AU Rejection: Offokaja Foundation Drags Libya To African Human Rights Commission

Says Haiti Is In African Continent Through Statute Of AU Constitutive Act

Press Release

The Prince And Princess Charles Offokaja Foundation (Nigeria) recently petitioned the African Commission On Human And Peoples Rights, ACHPR, over the Libya’s failure to bring up Haiti’s 2012 request to join the African AU Union for consideration and voting on the floor of the AU Assembly of Heads of State and Government.

Libya, the Member State that midwifed the formation of the AU, did not bring up the request, despite its obligation to do so under Article 22(2) of the African Charter On Human And Peoples Rights.

Prior to Libya’s omission, the African Commission, a creation of the AU Constitutive Act, blocked Haiti’s request from reaching the Assembly. This blockage violated Haiti’s rights under Article 29:2, of the AU Constitutive Act. By implication, this means that all other Afro American States have been unlawfully discouraged from applying for AU membership and by extension, membership in AU bodies like the African Continental Free Trade Area, ACFTA, the world’s biggest free trade area.

The foundation argued that after the African Commission violated Articles 9(c) and Article 29(2) of the Constitutive Act of the African Union, and Article 3(q) of the Protocol On Amendments To The Constitutive Act Of The African Union, by unlawfully blocking Haiti, Libya violated Articles 1, 22(1), 22(2), and 21(4) of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights by not ensuring that Haiti’s request was considered and voted for by the Assembly.

The foundation, therefore requested that:

1. The African Commission For Human And Peoples Rights encourages and assists the Libyan Government to immediately request a meeting of the Assembly in which Haiti’s request for membership will be considered and voted upon.
2. The African Commission For Human And Peoples Rights encourages and assists Libya to immediately request a meeting of the Assembly in which the granting of Special Observer status to Diaspora representative organizations in the Assembly under the supervision of AU’s Citizens And Diaspora Directorate CIDO will be considered.
The organizations granted observer status within the framework of CIDO should represent where available the 3 periods of Diaspora migration, namely; the pre-slave trade period, the slave trade (Afro American) period, and the modern period.
3. That the African Commission on Human And Peoples Rights encourages Libya to attach the same importance it attached to midwifing the formation of the African Union in 1999 to this call to midwife the expansion, broadening and deepening of Diaspora roles in the continued building of the African Union.

For just as Libya proposed the formation of the African Union to prevent a recurrence of the Rwandan Genocide, [expansion of the Union to enable States and Representative Organization to Fully participate] will serve as a kind of healing balm for victims of another African Genocide, the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. It will take the observance of the African Charter to another glorious level.

The Foundation further calls on Libya to work in partnership with other African countries that may wish to champion the cause of right the wrongs done to Haiti, and by extension, the Afro American Peoples.

Haitian Afro Americans

Haiti should consider starting a Diaspora Trust Fund

Ethiopia has just started s diaspora trust fund. I think it is a good idea for Haiti to start its own diaspora trust fund too. But the Government has to carry the ordinary Haitian along.

Haitian Afro Americans


Haiti helped many Latin American countries gain independence through Bolivar. But what did it get in return? Rejection.

Source: Washington Post