Between Igbodu And Ugbodu


Igbodu (Igbo Odu) means sacred grove where problems are solved under Ifa traditional practice in Ile Ife.


origin of the term is connected with Orunmila, the legendary Igbo Aboriginal priest of Ifa which was practiced widely in Ile Ife, his home town.

According to legend, Orunmila married an extraordinary woman called Odu and so many momentous things happened because of her.

Note: Today Ile Ife is no longer an Igbo town but now Yoruba with strong Aboriginal Igbo flavour.


Ugbodu is an Igbo town in the Anioma part of Delta State that speaks Lucumi, the ancient language of the Igbo Aborigines of Ile Ife.

It is possible that descendants of Orunmila and Odu had a hand in founding Igbodu during the time of Eze Chima Obatala.

We know that some Aboriginal Igbo communities that migrated from Ile Ife interchange the words ‘Igbo’ and ‘Ugbo’.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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