9 Steps To Blogging Success By enniefawole

  1. Get a domain ($15) 5500
  2. get a WordPress host preferable BlueHost ($89 Pro Plan ) 33,000
  3. Hire a good WordPress developer like me grin (min of 30,000 – 70,000) depending on what you want
  4. Budget 50,000 for adverts ( Facebook , nairaland , offline, online adverts)
  5. Budget 20,000 for giveaways on your blog
  6. monetize your blog with AdSense and do some affiliate marketing as well
  7. Sit and watch your AdSense moves , cash out every month
  8. With time make your to the top 100 most visited website in Nigeria , 1000 in the world [Alexa rankings], then see as companies, startups will be rushing you
  9. …Thank me later

– enniefawole of Nairaland

I saw this comment on Nairaland, and i thought I must share it here for the benefit of bloggers.

One point: You could create variations of each bullet point.

For instance, if you can’t afford Blue Host, look for a cheaper but reliable host.

If you don’t get AdSense approval initially, you could try some AdSense alternatives while you reapply after some time (a school of thought holds it that Google usually doesn’t approve AdSense for blogs that are less than 6 months old – even though some publishers have reported being approved much earlier than that).

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst