2023: Nomination Forms Should Be Discounted To Minimum Wage For Low Income Earners

Nomination forms for party primaries for the 2023 elections are beyond the reach of most low-income earners. The price of nomination forms in many parties and for many posts are set in the millions. This means that internal democracy is not respected in the area of given low+income earners their constitutional right to contest in elections.

Has The Not Too Young To Run Law Been Caged By The Lack Of EFFECTIVE Discounts For Forms?

The Not Too Young To Run bill is now law. It was meant to allow youths run in elections. Based on that law, many youths are now qualified to run for Local Government Councillor/Chairman, State House of Assembly, Governorship, National Assembly and even President.

But sadly, many qualified youths are unable to run in the 2023 elections, because they cannot afford the millions to pay for just Expression of Interest and Nomination forms in various parties.

In 2027 many more youths will become qualified to run. But if the price of nomination forms remain high, they won’t be able to contest. This is wrong. Very wrong. This is disenfranchisement.

While it is true that some parties are offering discounts for expression of interest and nomination forms, when those discounts still leave the form prices at millions of Naira, the forms are still beyond the reach of the average Nigerian youth who may be qualified to contest. So, such discounts are not enough.

Parties are private organizations, they perform the public function of being gateway to citizens who want to contest elections. So the lack of effective discount in the price of their forms is everybody’s business. According to NDIC, more than 90% of bank accounts in Nigeria are below N500,000, so, what are we talking about!?

The National Assembly needs to empower INEC to ensure that political parties offer discounts for nomination forms to interested low-income earners equivalent to the national minimum wage.

This will expand the democratic field and deepen internal democracy in the political parties.

Yes, parties Can Still sell forms to high networth individuals at a price of millions or even billions of Naira if they so chose.

But to improve internal democracy, at the same time, they should also offer a discount equal to the minimum wage to low-income earners who wish to contest. Every Nigerian has the constitutional right to contest if interested.

The form sales for expression of interest and party primaries should therefore be a democratic excercise and not give the impression of being an auction restricted to the highest bidders.

Do you agree?

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Prince Charles Boniface Offokaja is the Convener of the North-South Co-Presidency Movement, and a presidential Aspirant in the 2023 election.

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  1. Gbam! You have said it all. Political parties nomination forms should be discounted for interested low income earners equivalent to the national minimum wage. With this,it will encourage a lot of interested youths to come out and contest for various political positions.

  2. I Strongly agree with you… The issue is that most political parties are more concerned about the money… Some party’s are already a failure because they are themselves believes they can’t compete against the major parties thereby hiking the price of the forms as their only source of income. They forget that Election should be based on individual and not party. I am sorry to say this but I DON’T VOTE PARTY, I VOTE INDIVIDUAL

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