As Dangote loses a third of his wealth (rich are getting poorer)

I was shocked by not surprised to read that Nigeria’s richest man, Aliko Dangote lost one third of his wealth in 2016.

Before now it was our second richest man, Femi Otedola losing one third of his wealth in months. It confirms what I have been saying, that the rich are getting poorer together with the poor in today’s Nigeria. Before they used to say, ‘ the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer’. Now everybody is in the same basket.

The political class caused this, by not infusing a culture of savings as our country got rich during the oil boom years. Look at Norway, they had a rule not to spend more than 4% of their oil profit each year. 

They only broke that rule this year, and now they have about $800 billion to fall back on. We are here struggling with $25 billion for 170 million people.

Its jus like having a family of 11 manage a one-room apartment, or 2 cups of rice for lunch. So clustrophobic.

As the price of crude oil seems to be making a slow but steady climb upwards, the government ought to be putting finishing touches on a sovereign wealth fund to savevsome money for the nation. The sovereign wealth fund should be our big savings account as a nation, some savings from which we can only withdraw a tiny percentage, as we await any rainy day.

Zikists, I leave you to discuss whether I am making any sense or not.

One New Year Resolution I Have Made

It is hard to keep rendering help when one doesn’t reciecve enough encouragement, but I have decided that my NGO, the Prince and Princess Charles Offokaja Foundation keep will keep impacting lives in 2017, no matter what.

This outgoing year, we put smiles in some people’s faces. But it was hard. People think all NGOs are fraudulent. So, they don’t support. But we will keep helping, because we have to assist government in putting smiles on peoples’ face.

Offokaja Foundation will not relent. We will make impact in people’s lives in Nigeria and beyond in 2017.

If you want to join us to make impact, like our Facebook page and drop us a suggestion there. Let’s talk.

From: Prince Charles Offokaja, Founder, Offokaja Foundation, CAC IT number 75980.

Happy New Year To All Zikists

We want to wish all Zikists a Happy New Year in advance. Let us, followers of Zik remember how he fought for Nigeria’s independence, and let us resolve that in 2017, we shall do our utmost to help push Nigeria out of economic recession.

While we are not the government, we can help do this by advocating for sound economic policies. We should push for the government to exploit coal for electricity. 

If the government should do this alone, the cost of production for thousands of businesses will reduce drastically. More businesses will find it easier to survive.

Share this article on your Facebook and Twitter, so that Nigerians can see it. Let’s start a movement for the exploitation of coal in Nigeria.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Do you know of anything the Zikist Movement should do to move Nigeria forward in 2017? Let’s get your comment below.

As coal is found in Sokoto, hope it will lead to nationwide exploitation

The discovery of coal deposits in commercial quantity in Sokoto State is a very welcome development, because if a Federal cabal has been avoiding coal exploitation in Enugu to marginalize the Igbo, they will now find it harder to do so.

I must commend Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwal for already planning the construction of a 40mw coal-fired power station to exploit the coal. I call on Enugu State Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to borrow a leaf from Governor Tambuwal in this respect. Continue reading “As coal is found in Sokoto, hope it will lead to nationwide exploitation”