One New Year Gift Buhari Should Give Nigerians

President Buhari, being our President, is like a Father New Year to us. As things get bad for Nigerians and even our richest person Aliko Dangote feels the pinch, there is one thing President Buhari can give Nigeria that will benefit everyone.

I am talking about coal-fired power plants. It will directly or indirectly benefit all Nigerians.

The woman selling frozen foodstuff in your neighbourhood will spend less on generators.
Bloggers will get more traffic, as phones and laptops will be charged more, and people can browse more.

Factories and offices will spend less on diesel for their generators.
You will be able to use the money saved from buying fuel for that your ‘better pass my neighbour generator (na joke o)’ to buy more nkwobi and Fanta.

And many other points. I can assure you that even Dangote will make millions in savings if he doesn’t have to buy diesel to run his different factories.

So, Oga Presido, abeg, give us coal-fired power plants in 2017. Forget about what some nuclear power advocates say that coal is ‘dirty’. Most of America’s electricity comes from coal. America is the world’s most industrialized economy. China gets most of its electricity from coal. Ditto South Africa. it almost appears like coal-generated electricity is a prerequisite for economic development. Besides cleaner coal power plants are being invented everyday.

So if South Africa uses coal to generate electricity why not Nigeria?

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


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