Breaking! Bus sormersaults on Lagos bridge, roasts many to death

Eye witness reports say that this evening a bus in one of the bridges in Lagos (yet to be ascertained) sormersaulted, and while some escaped, others were not so lcky, as they roasted to death when the bus burst into flames.


Trump opponents lash out angrily as last effort to stop him fails

The long battle to stop Donald Trump has finnally ended, as the Elctoral College confirmed Trump as the next President of the United States 2 days ago. But opponents of Mr Trump are still very bitter, from ex-President Bill Clinton who questionedTrump’s intelligence in a move unusual of the former president, to GQ’s Keith Olbermann who is asking Americans not to see Trump as their President.
(is that not treasonable?)

The moves to stop Trump started as early as during the Republican nominations when Republican elites tried to break their own party rules by preventing Trump from getting the ticket even after he won the Republican Primaries. Then came the relentless, unfair attacks from the media and so on, the innacurate ‘opinion polls’ that showed Trump headed for a cataclysmic defeat.


Trump: The US Political Elite Shouldn’t Make The Julius Ceaser Mistake

Bravo to Donald Trump as he gets officially elected as US President today. Later today, the US Electoral College which actually elects the US president after a general election will put the final stamp on Donald Trump’s earlier victory in the November 9 elections.

A horrifying number of people have been asking the college to deny Trump the fruits of his victory. Imagine. Don’t these people know that doing so will make Trump’s supporters very unhappy and open a Pandora’s box?

News Needs Your Help To Become Nigeria’s Huffington Post

In our bid to provide more original news for Nigerian readers, we at have applied for an #innovateAFRICA grant to enable us employ correspondents in every state in Nigeria.

This is due to our realization that most online news in Nigeria are recycled from print media.  Even among the biggest blogs/newssites, they just employ people to post news gotten from the websites of our daily papers. Believe me, I should know. So most of what we call original news in Nigeria is just recycled news with a fresh angle mixed into it. Everyone is curating, and no one is producing fresh content in the realest sense of the word.

While new angles to the news have their place in journalism/blogging, there is currently an unhealthy imbalance in the Nigerian social media scene, because there is not enough journalistic standard original content being produced online. This has led to bad user experience as people have fallen victim to plagiarism, over-duplication of content as well as slanderous tripe written in the name of ‘online journalism’.

So, proffessional journalism has been pushed aside, and citizen journalism has been given a bad name. To counter this trend, we aim to employ 36 paid journalists as correspondents in the 36 states of Nigeria to enlarge the amount of journalistic-standard fresh content in Nigeria’s blogosphere.

Doing that will give you the reader more choices of news, instead of overflogging the little amount of fresh news the papers give us and then waiting for the next news cycle. Also, we will employ editors to edit out plagiarism, falsehoods, solecisms and slander, which are currently the bane of Nigerian social media.

Our journalists, with their proffessional standards will complement the spontaniety of our bloggers to produce a hybrid practice that will enhance user experience and Nigerian online journalism. While the current bloggers of will keep doing their job, they will be joined by proffessional journalists who will actually move into the beat instead of curating from the desk.

Please Retweet this, Comment on it, Share it, to increase our chances of getting the grant. Start now for more freshly pressed news served to you in a timely manner. Let citizen journalism and proffessional journalism come together to enhance our experience of high quality digital journalism in Nigeria. Let us creat Nigeria’s version of @HuffintonPost. Yes We Can!

Commentary Economy

If Crude Oil Should Give Nigeria Another Chance

The oft repeated saying that crude oil is a curse is not accurate. Nigeria, with her militant insurgency, environmental degradation and corruption crises derived from crude oil often comes up as an example of the veracity of the statement.

But, a more accurate saying would be that crude oil can be a blessing if ones country wants it to be and acts accordingly. While to a great many nations the only lasting ‘benefits’ gotten from crude oil are greater amounts of corruption and an overdependence on one volatile product in their economy, to a few countries, it has transformed their economies and made all  the difference.