Woman donates pension to charismatic Buhari’s war against corruption 

There is something super-charismatic about President Buhari,that makes peopel make amazing sacrifices to further his political goals. We remember the other old woman that donated her life savigs to Buhari’s campaign. And now, another old woman is donating her monthly pension to his fight against corruption.

When I think aout it, I realise it must be because the common man sees Buhari as the last hope in the fight against the monster that has almost eaten this country up- the monster of corruption.

These old women have lived most of their lives in the suffering that is the present day Nigeria; and even though they know ther money may be just a drop in the ocean, they blieve that it will be a drop that matters.

Mr President, for the sake of the donations of these women, please dont give up in this difficult fight of yours. If you can stop corruption on its tracks without fear or fervor, this country will surely be better, and you would have written your name in gold to the extent that people will make other great scarifices just because of your actions.

Read more bout the latest great donor to Buhari here: Corruption war: Woman donates pension to Buhari – The Nation Nigeria

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


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