Will Russia Protect The Phillipines If China Attacks?

President Rodi Duterte recently visited a Russian warship, where he expressed hopes that Russia can become the military protector of The Philippines in the event of an attack. But I think that is going too far. 

While Putin is one of the most powerful leaders on earth, and this site supports him, a our posts can clearly show, we aver that China is the greatest geopolitical opportunity and greatest threat to the sovereignty of The Philippines because of the islands both countries are contesting. If China were to suddenly seize those islands, Russia will not lift a finger to protect The Philippines.

This is because Russia needs China as a financial bulwark against the US. Whenever the US gives Putin the cold shoulder a d he looks east, it is not Japan he sees but China. China has trillions of dollars in savings and as such can bail out any financially troubled country on earth. In fact, China has been bailing the US out for years. So, China is too important a country for Putin to mess with.

Yes, Russia is a super power, by dint of her nuclear bombs, but financially, alienating China just because of friendly feelings is a risk Putin will never take. You can take that to the bank. It will be easier for the US, which depends on trillions of dollars of Chinese money to wean themselves off it, because of their multi product economy. Russia is hugely dependent on oil and gas, and its economy is in that respect more vulnerable than that of the US.

The implication of this is that Duterte and the Philippines still need the US as a strategic protector, and cannot afford to just throw the US off. But to contain the neocolonial excesses of the US, Duterte has to continue to cozy up to China, the greatest geopolitical threat to his country. Russia can also come in as a geopolitical counter-force against US neocolonialism, but will never be effective against China.

So, Duterte has to find a rhythm that works in playing these 3 super powers, as his country needs all three, not one.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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