Life just got harder for most Nigerians

I remember sometime last December when I overhead a call in which someone was telling another person to stock up her shop, that things will get more expensive in January. The truth is that things have actually gotten more expensive this January, and for the lower classes, it ain’t funny at all.

The price of a bag of rice that they said will come down is still in the stratosphere. I have concluded plans for my NGO to donate rice to the needy in a few day’s time. They need the food. The Nigeria we are in is one in which some people take home N18,000 as salary. (Can you beat that!?)

Schools are generally reopening tomorrow, and it seems all private schools in Lagos held a meeting in which they decided to increase school fees across board. I am just thinking of some of these people that earn just N18, 000; how they will manage. Before, the schools used to say the kids that don’t pay wouldnt take exams, and that was that. Out now, na 2 weeks notice and they send kids whose parents haven’t paid back. Na wa!

I would really have preferred it if government decides to increase the minimum wage to N50,000. But now, they say there is no money. And people are actually starving. Men, let some of those that embezzled money get a human heart now. Its just not fair. You have enough money to last your family for generations just stashed in the soakaway pit in your house and some people are struggling for a tiny fraction of that money to survive. As Yorubas would say, ‘ E no bose’.

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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