Why Jagaban Tinubu Will Not Leave APC

Even if Governor Ajimobi does not win APC’s primaries, Jagaban Tinubu will not abandon APC, a house that he built -for the reason stated below.

Yes, he is fighting to retain control over the structure of APC in Oyo State, but of very great importance is the fact that the Vice President is his nominee. 

Do you expect him to abandon ship and lose that honour? If he does, which other party can give him that honour? Is it PDP that has not made Atiku 100% comfortable since he returned? Is it Obasanjo’s ADC, where Obasanjo would like to call the shots without a rival?

Tinubu cannot abandon a house he built and pitch tent with PDP, where some old political enemies he has fought for years would not allow him gain any sizable structure. 
Tinubu cannot abandon APC, a house he built to pitch tent with ADC, which has become Obasanjo’s political house. 

Folks, the natural house for Tinubu and his political structure remains APC, no matter how foul the weather might be for him at present. I can guarantee you that Buhari is not about to dump Osinbajo as his running mate. That is one hold Tinubu has on him.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


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