“Why The Python Is Revered In Many Igbo Communities”

Ndewo nu, ndi b’anyi. We saw this post on Nairaland, about the place of the Python in Igbo cosmology by OruExpress and thought you should see it. Read after the cut:

In Igbo cosmology, Ala, the earth, delivers messages using pythons. We believe that if you understand one thing you understand all things. Those that observe the python are observing the rivers and those who are observing the rivers are learning about Ala.
In the beginning of the world all was water. This water is called Oshimirri. Yorubas call it Osun Oyi. The primordial water where all things come from. When Oshimmiri formed into Ala, the streams and rivers remained and from then the python emerged.
the Python is the messenger of Ala. And because it was on the land before man, man had to negotiate with the python to inherit its land. The Python is the true land lord in many communities and the laws of the land similar to lease agreement. An oath ancestors make with Ala in order to remain worthy of the lands gifts. Every now and then a python emerges, and performs a function similar to a land lord touring their property.
Where the pythons meet, shrines are build because the presence of Ala is concentrated there.
Some people believe we worship pythons or even the shrine. That is not true. We respect the python because it was there before us and seek to live in peace with it as tenets on this earth. Shrines indicate where spirits gather and the python being the messenger, knows where.

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