Why can’t solar-rich Northern Nigeria generate power from solar? -kstyle2

The epic comment below is from a Nairalander with the moniker kstyle2. It’s on Nigeria’s epileptic electricity situation. It caught our attention. So, we decided to share:

Sometimes I ask myself, why can’t we get 24hr power supply?

Some parts of China and Russia make use of coal to generate electricity so why can’t we use the coal in Enugu to do likewise?

Why can’t we make use of solar energy to generate electricity in the north?

Why not make use of gas that exist in the south south to generate power? How come Norway used waste to generate electricity, ran out of waste and had to import from other countries yet we can’t replicate
God help us

Zikistmovement.com Comment:

There us coal in 12 states in Nigeria. These deposits are just lying there unused while Nigeria suffers from poor electricity. That’s not right.

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