Watch: Ooni Praises Obatala For Igbo Wealth, Pledges Yoruba Custodianship

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At the recently held Aje Festival, premier Yoruba monarch Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi traced the spiritual aspect of wealth-making to the Igbo race, as represented by Obatala lineage.

Speaking to journalists at the event, the Ooni stated:

  • that the Igbos are the first people

  • on earth. (This is in line with Professor Catherine Acholonu’s statement that Ndigbo by Ndi Gbo)
  • that the Igbos, through the lineage of Obatala were the first to control wealth worldwide. (Ted Talk speaker, Robert Neuwirth recently called the Igbo apprenticeship system the largest business incubator in the world.)
  • that there is no country on earth were you won’t find Igbos
  • that Igbos should attend Aje Festival more
  • that Igbo scholars should do more research to find out the [great] history of the Igbos
  • that Igbos came from Ife and spread to the East. (According to the works of Professor Blier and Prince Offokaja, the Igbo Autouchtones of Ife originally came from NRI. But Ooni states otherwise, that the Igbos came from Ile Ife and spread to today’s Igbo Land and the rest of the world.)
  • that the Igbos and Yorubas have a long history of living together
  • that though Igbos are the founders of wealth worldwide, the Yorubas, are the custodians of that tradition

He said several other truthful and wonderful things. Watch the video,

God Bless the Ooni of Ife

God Bless the Yoruba race

God Bless the Igbo race

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