US election 2016: Clinton will win the Democratic Party’s nomination tommorow

Last time Hillary Clinton ran in the Democratic Party primaries, she failed. That was in 2008 when she was beaten by Barack Obama, who went on to win the US presidential elections in that year.

But in today’s primaries, Hillary Clinton is projected to win all five states that are up for grabs. And when she wins, it will become almost impossible for her challenger, Bernie Sanders to overcome her lead.

The states up for contest are Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, and opinion polls show Mrs. Clinton leading in all  those states.

The Clinton wins wouldn’t mean that the race is over, just that it would have become a mere formality after Tuesday. The Clinton Dynasty can then breathe a part-sigh of relief. This is because the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, whom she will likely face is a very very tough contender.


The Democratic campaign has not been as divisive as the Republican campaign. That means Hillary Clinton’s will have the advantage of taken a rest and reenergizing as the Republican candidates practice the political version of death by a thousand cuts on themselves.

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