Trump rips into ‘Morning Joe’ again

Donald Trump Twitted;

“Wow, I hear @Morning_Joe has gone really hostile ever since I said I won’t do or watch the show anymore.They misrepresent my positions!”

Trump tweeted Monday morning after the show got under way. The show featured a segment in its first hour with clips from Trump’s appearances in Washington state over the weekend in which he ripped into Hillary Clinton as a “total enabler” of Bill Clinton.

Mr Trump also disparaged former President Clinton himself, for initially lying about his liaisons with his White House intern, Monica Lewinski.

By the way, I heard Monica Lewinski who was young when the whole scandal burst has never married. I hope it isn’t because of the whole Bill Clinton fallout thing, but I know I am wrong.

The girl’s life was ruined the moment the sex stroy broke. Pity!

Source: Trump reignites ‘Morning Joe’ feud – POLITICO

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