Trump Candidate Karen Handel Wins, Showing That Voters Are Still With Trump

The results of the much touted special Congressional elections which the liberal press and Democratic Party were hoping to win as a way of denting the legitimacy of President Trump Donald are out. And it’s a big victory for Donald Trump, as his candidate the Republican Karen Handel won handily, beating her Democratic rival. He has since called her to concede victory.

Despite all the predictions in major media that Trump will lose, he still won again. As a top Trump Administration official texted to the Washington Times yesterday, they still havent figured out a way to beat Trump.

Congratulation Karen Handel. Congratulations President Trump. But don’t forget that Wikipedia Founder Julian Assange is still in jail. That man should be released.

This is an embarrassing body to the Washington Establishment that kept predicting that ‘the end has finally come for Trump’. But the American voter had a different idea. Perhaps the Establishment will now allow Trump rule. Certainly Congressional Republicans will be emboldened to support Trump’s legislative agenda with this victory.

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