Accept Your Igbotude, DMerciful Tells South South Igbos

Some Igbos from the South South have been convinced by enemies of the Igbo that they are not Igbo, despite the fact that they have Igbo traditional names and speak Igbo as their indigenous language. But a Nairalander with the moniker DMerciful has a word for those Igbos. He says they should accept their ‘Igbotude’. See what he said:

Some Igbos from Ikwerre, Anioma, Igbanke etc will say we are not Igbos. Denying your Igbo root will not help you in any way! If there is a war in the north, you are seen as full blooded igbos and won’t be spared whether you say you’re Ikwerre or not!

Also, the great marginalization of the Igbankes in Edo state cannot be overemphasized cos they were placed in a state were they are extreme minority but had it been the foolish military govt of IBB placed them with their kit and kin in Anoima, they would have been happier.

I am from Anioma and here in Lagos they treat me as Omo-Ibo….with the same suspicion they treat Igbo, they treat me the same and it has happened severally. Accept your ‘igbotude’ and position yourself for greatness…..know your enemies else you’ll get burnt!     


DMerciful is right. Take ex-governor Peter Odilli for example. Some anti-Igboists have been telling his people, the Ndoni of Rivers State that they are not Igbo, and trying to turn them against the Igbos from the South East.

A few years ago he wanted to run for the presidency of Nigeria. It was then that these people suddenly remembered that he was Igbo, and they shouted from the rooftops that the South South slot for the presidency of Nigeria would not be taken by an Igbo.

So, you Igbo from the South South, your best bet is to develop the closest relationship possible with your South East kin as many of you have done. You are on the right track.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst