The Best Car To Buy In Nigeria If You Are Still Struggling

The best car to buy in Nigeria if you are still managing is a Toyota Camry. I have not been given any advert by Toyota. I’m just telling you what many mechanics out there will tell you.

Why Do I Say It Is The Best Car To Buy In Nigeria If You Are Still Managing?

Firstly, because most mechanics know how to fix Toyota Camrys. Even incompetent mechanics will be able to fix your Camry if it spoils on the road. But some of these other brands (I don’t want to mention names), many mechanics don’t know how to fix them. So you have to find a specialist and hope that you found a real specialist, not a pretender who will be doing guesswork with your car while you spend money.

If you are short of money, don’t buy a German car like a Mercedes. Mercedes cars are for people who have extra money. They are for people who want to express their sense of style. A friend of mine bought a German

A Camry is for people who by a car strictly out of necessity. So, if you fall into this category, don’t make a mistake of buying a car that will be expensive to maintain.

A second advantage of buying a Camry if you are still struggling is that Camry spare-parts are very cheap.

Mr. A bought German Mercedes when he was buying his first car, and his salary was just enough to buy that kind of car. One day, the car developed a fault. He went to look for a mechanic, and was told that the only German car specialist had traveled to Port Harcourt to fix someone’s car. The man had to board buses for 3 days, while this German car specialist was in Port.

Eventually, when the specialist came back, he was able to fix the car, but Mr. A noticed that he spent about 3 times more than people who brought Camrys to the mechanic workshop for the same problem.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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