Thank You Fayose, For Introducing Cattle Ranching In Ekiti


Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose has advanced the course of peace in this country by his steps to introduce cattle ranching in Ekiti State. It was announced recently that the Ekiti State Government will introduce cattle ranching in Ekiti, in response to the unending killings of citizens of the state in crises over cattle grazing.

The issue of cattle grazing is one that has led many to their untimely deaths, and yet the relevant authorities are still being slow to do what is needed to be done: that is to financially empower the herdsmen to buy land, fence it and start their own cattle ranch.


We won’t allow anybody take Igbo lands in the name of grazing reserves – Governor Ikpeazu

Governor Ikpeazu of Abia, while speaking on Magic 102.9 FM Aba flagship programme “People and Politics said;

“We don’t need grazing reserves in the South-East, because we don’t have land space for it. There are enough land in the north, so let have grazing reserves there.”

“There is massive landmass in the North to create grazing reserves, we can’t allow anybody to come to South East and take our lands in the name of creating grazing reserves.”

It will be recalled that commercial cattle ranching has been suggested as a much better alternative to grazing reserves which could breed inter-ethnic conflicts.

It has been suggested that the Federal Government should instead


Shocking Provision in the National Grazing Reserve Bill- YouthsPC0

By YouthsPC0

I decided to read a copy of the National Grazing Reserve Council Bill and I was surprised at what I saw.1. The Bill creates a council to be chaired by a Chairman to be appointed by the president.

2. The council shall have the power to take your land anywhere the land is located in the country and then pay you compensation.Your land, when taken, shall be assigned to herdsmen who shall use your land for grazing purposes. They shall bring cows to the land and you shall lose the land permanently to those Fulani cattlemen.

If you feel that the council was not right to take your land, you can go to court but before you go to court, you must first of all notify the federal attorney general of your intention to sue the council. Apart from notifying, you must get the consent and authority of the Federal Attorney General before you can sue.So that means that if the Attorney General refuses to give his consent to the suit, you have lost your land forever to the herdsmen.