Aba, The Billion Dollar City That Needs To Clean Up To Make It

The headline above describes the sentiments of the writer of the article I linked to below.

The article is basically a lamentation for Aba, the apparel and shoes capital of Africa which currently has a serious problem with refuse and flooding.

Governor Ikpeazu, transform this city. People are complaining bitterly, and I know you can.

See the article, including photos of the dirt

Our Reaction: The pictures of filth can be anywhere in Nigeria. But I guess the writer feels Aba should make an exception if it wants to really shine as an international industrial city.


We won’t allow anybody take Igbo lands in the name of grazing reserves – Governor Ikpeazu

Governor Ikpeazu of Abia, while speaking on Magic 102.9 FM Aba flagship programme “People and Politics said;

“We don’t need grazing reserves in the South-East, because we don’t have land space for it. There are enough land in the north, so let have grazing reserves there.”

“There is massive landmass in the North to create grazing reserves, we can’t allow anybody to come to South East and take our lands in the name of creating grazing reserves.”

It will be recalled that commercial cattle ranching has been suggested as a much better alternative to grazing reserves which could breed inter-ethnic conflicts.

It has been suggested that the Federal Government should instead