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How You Can Earn BAT Browsing On The Brave Browser

BAT or Basic Attention Token is an ad coin that users can earn when they browse using the super-fast and super- private Brave Browser. It is exchangeable for US dollar. Read the link to see how you can earn BAT by just browsing.

Note: This is an educative not a marketing piece. The final decision and responsibility for investing your time, money, effort or attention is yours.


Alexa Rankings, The World’s Biggest League And How Your Blog Can Win In It

I bet you’ve heard of the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, The Italian Serie A and other football leagues; but there is one league which is way bigger than all these leagues in terms of number of participants. It is called (as you rightly suspected) the Alexa Rankings.

Alexa Rankings are a listing of the most visited websites on the internet, and as you know, the internet has millions of sites.

Just like in a football league, for a team to join the league, it has to qualify.