Suu Kyi gives Myanmar’s military a bloody nose – set to become State Councelor

AungSan Suu Kyi, the lady that led her party to end military rule in Myanmar but was not allowed to become president of the country by the same military appears to have seized power, as Myanmar’s parliament has given her the post of State Counselor, which puts her at the heart of the new administration.

This is in spite of all efforts by the military,which is called the Tatmadaw to also stop her from getting the post.

The post was invented by her party after the military refused to allow her become president, even though the party which she leads won over 80 percent of the contested seats in the last general elections.

The only thing that separates the bill from becoming law now is the signature of the president of the country, and as that president is a childhood friend that she installed to the post when she couldn’t take it, it is unlikely he wouldn’t sign it.

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