Nnamdi Okonkwo: The Release And Reinstatement Of A Framed Igbo Bank MD

When recently, the EFCC arrested Nnamdi Okonkwo, the hardworking Igbo MD of one of Nigeria’s most successful banks, Fidelity Bank, some Igbo haters went to town jubilating. They thought that was the end of him. It was as if they had won an N100 million lottery, as they popped champagne, and jumped up and down like kids who had been giving candy.

But not only has he been reinstated, the bank has gained a valuable new member for his team in the person of  Alhaji Mohammed Lawal Balarabe, an erudite banker, who will no doubt partner with him to take Fidelity Bank to the next level.

But even if a righteous man falls 10 times, he will still stand up. And as Nelson Mandela said, it is not how low you fall, but how high you bounce that matters.

Now the man has been released by the EFCC, and not just that, he has been reinstated to his old job. The truth, even if hidden shall find a way to shine forth.

Fidelity Bank, under Nnamdi Okonkwo was suspected of wrongdoing during the last administration, but it had always maintained that the particular bank transactions under investigation were duly reported to the regulatory authorities as required under the Bank and Other Financial Institutions Act and Money Laundering Act.

Under Nnamdi Okonkwo the bank has been having a string of successful results.

As a result of the exemplary work of the Nnamdi Okonkwo led team, the bank has maintained a tradition of paying out mouth-watering dividends to its happy shareholders for 6 years now.

One More Gain For The Nnamdi Okonkwo Team

Nnamdi Okonkwo’s new Deputy Managing Director, Balarabe, brings in a lot of useful experience that will serve the bank well. He has been a licensed member of the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) for the past 24 years,  and has also served as the Executive Director of Oceanic Bank Plc.

Congrats to Mazi Namdi Okonkwo for his vindication, and congrats to EFCC for doing the right thing.

Igbo Kwenu!

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