NLC Declares Strike For Next Wednesday

Naira Scarcity: President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Joe Ajaero has asked public sector workers in Nigeria to go on strike from Wednesday next week.

Ajaero lamented that even after the Supreme Court ordered that the old N500 and N1000 notes should continue to circulate with the new notes till December 31, 2023, workers cannot still access cash to pay transport fares to work, and face difficulty getting cash to buy food for their families.

Are you in Nigeria? How has the scarcity affected people in your area?

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  1. The situation is pathetic, yesterday I bought old currency #10,000 with #13,000 after so much stress, the few ATM that has cash are all crowded like market, this is no longer funny.

  2. If the strike will yield a positive result then it is encouraging but it will only cause more hardship to the existing one then it is better for NLC to return to court rather than embarking on strike.

  3. Naira scarcity has affected myself and people living near my domain in a negative and frustrating ways.
    Currently, families are unable to eat, it’s not because they don’t have money in their banks, but because they are unable to withdraw their money from the bank. High number of thefts has been recorded and so many youths has been killed as a result of stealing people’s food stuffs inorder to eat. Could you imagine a married man had to go extra miles in stealing kerosene, so he can use it to prepare food for his household. The worst of it, bank ussd codes n mobile app has refused to work for some time, leaving everyone in an angry state.
    Conclusion, the CBN should release money, so that people can withdraw and buy food and medication for themselves.

  4. Cash scarcity is getting out of hand oh,I can’t buy things market is not moving smoothly,alot of customers are buying on credit the ones that buy promising to do transfer the transfer won’t go and food is scarce,u will hardly withdraw and when we see someone with cash the charges will be high I pray and can’t wait for Nigeria to be back

  5. If the strike will solve the issue no problem but I think shutting down CBN branches will worsen the whole situation. They might direct their staffs to disable bank network

    Am tired of the whole situation. Last week Friday, I went to microfinance to make withdrawal as I can’t buy 5000 with 2000. They were only paying 5k as I requested for 8k. The worst part was that after staying there for some time we were told that there’s no cash. I even begged that i just delivered,they insisted on customers to go.
    A guy came with new &old notes they rejected it.
    This is no longer funny in our country.

  6. This naira scarcity has caused so much to the society, schools and other public and private areas. My kids keep on asking me why some of their classmates doesn’t come to school anymore. Its a difficult time for everyone. Some shop owners who doesn’t accept transfers are no longer making much sales in my area.

  7. This naira scarcity is something else, till now I don’t still understand the reason why they change this money,it has really cause more harm than good I pray all this will soon end,but shutting down the CBN branchs will not solve the problem

  8. The situation is quite alarming. People find it difficulty getting cash to buy food for themselves and their families.
    If going on strike will help to solve the situation fine.

  9. Honestly am getting frustrating day by day, and because of this issues now, most businesses now are not moving well as before, people are dieing of hunger everyday, the worst of it all is that network is not even stable for someone to make transfer, you end up been frustrating day by day, may Almighty God deliver us from this suffering oooo because I don’t even know when is going to end.

  10. I am also happy for this this strike of a thing, with it I believe there should bess good news soon, there’s this woman in my area that’s selling yam, now she couldn’t sale again because of this cash issues and tell me what would become of her and her family now?

  11. I honestly don’t see the strike as a solution to the problem. I think NLC should think of a way for CBN to make cash available to the people. Citizens are going through a lot. One can hardly see the new naira note in my area, not to talk about the returned old ones.

  12. I don’t even know the word to use and explain this current situation that citizen are facing right now. It has been very hard in making transfer and getting cash. If going on strike will improve the situation fine.

  13. The strike is long overdue, the hardship and suffering is frustrating and depressing. I just hope the strike would bring about the needed positive turn around we crave for and not worsen situation

    1. Is really getting out of hand and no body is saying anything about it, people are dieing of hunger day after day, most sick person’s have died too because of this issues, may Almighty God help us

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