Igbo Defender’s Epic Reply To Question Doubting Ife’s Igbo Aborigin Story

The questioner had asked; ‘ What Ife Priesthood is synonymous with Igbo?’

Igbodefender replied: Good question, Sir. Take the then Igbo Kings of Ife, the Obatala for instance. One of their titles was Obi Osere Igbo. Now, let us analyse the title Obi Osere Igbo. The Obi part of the title is undeniably an Igbo royal title, as in Obi of Onitsha, Obi of Otolo, Nnewi, etc., etc., etc.

The Osere part of the title has a deep priestly significance in Igbo Land. For example, in the Igbo kingdom of Ogwuta in Imo State, their priests have inherited the title Osere. In Ogwuta, the Osere is the Chief Priest of the Owu Institution. (Does the word Owu ring a bell?. Don’t say no o.)

Okay, let’s continue with our analysis of the Oba Igbo’s title, Obi Osere Igbo.

The last part of the title Igbo is self explanatory. If one should translate that Obatala title from Igbo to English, it would simply mean Priest King of the Igbo. Mind you, ancient Igbo Kings like the King of Nri, were the aboriginal Igbo of Ife originated according to History of the Igbo World by Prince Charles Offokaja were and are priest kings.

Even Catherine Acholonu, whom you despise, told us of a trip she took to Cuba, where she saw a statue of Obatala built by Afro Descendants (probably from Ife) in which the following phrase was inscribed Obatala, King of the Igbo Nation). this phrase is so insightful that I will repeat it, Obatala, King of the Igbo Nation. These and other facts are documented in the book, History of the Igbo World, which you can purchase at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01K4AIUO8 at a very affordable price. In fact, if you had read the book, you wouldn’t have asked me such an easy question. Oga, bring difficult questions na.

Source: http://www.nairaland.com/3456196/why-igbo-also-commemorate-queen

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