Igbo Calendar Apps Flood Google Play Store

Igbo Defender is happy to note that Igbo Calender’s have have flooded Google Play Store.

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A search for Igbo Calender 2019 produced some of the results which you can see on the screenshot below. See the heart warming photo in the link below:

Igbo Defender says a big well done to the developers who created this apps. These are the kinds of developments we need in order to protect Igbo language from disappearing in a globalized world.

To you reader of Igbo Defender, go to Google Play Store and install one of these apps on your phones. We Igbo’s have no excuse not knowing what day it is according to the interpretations of our fore fathers.

Perhaps this is the way we can see increasingly into our great past in the times of the First Men, the times of Eri Ben Had and the Nubian Egyptian chieftains, the times of the Ancient Kingdom of Biafra, the Era of the Obatalas, etc etc etc.

Nya gazie.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst