How Obama’s cautious approach undermined the credibility of US power – PJ Crowley

In the postmortem article I linked to below, PJ Crowley, a former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State suggests that President Obama’s unwillingness to act in Syria – after the red line he drew on chemical weapons was crossed – led to a decline in respect for American power internationally. He reviews Obama’s foreign

Crowley reviews Obama’s foreign policy, and while he says Obama largely kept to his campaign promise to reduce America’s involvement in wars, he suggests that that is the very reason dangerous conflicts like Syria and Libya were US opponents now have a stronghold are alive and kicking.

So, who should be blamed for the seeming insurmountable obstacles of US foreign policy today, the electorate that elected Obama to reduce America’s involvement in wars or Obama who kept his promise to do so? Those were the questions I asked myself after reading the article. I suggest you read it, because you will probably have some questions yourself.

See the article: PJ Crowley: How Obama learned the limits of American power – BBC News

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