Former Political Ally Says Oshiomhole Spent N14 Billion On Website! 

How can someone spend N 14 Billion to build a website? even Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, I am not sure he spent up to ont tenth of that amount building his Facebook website that is now worth about $100 Billion.

But that is the allegation being made by one of Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s former associates in the link below. The erstwhile supporter, Mr Omo-Ojo, has left Oshiomhole’s camp,and is now in the PDP. Omo-Ojo also accused the man called Oshio Baba by his supporters of other grave financial misdeeds.

This has led to Oshiomhole’s detractors saying no wonder he is campaigning so desperately for his own hand-picked successor to win the Edo Governosrship elections, so that his ‘sins’ will remain hidden. Others are blasting Oshiomhole for blasting allegedly corrupt members of the immediate past Goodluck Jonathan Government when he had (alleged) skeletons like this in his cupboard. Some are even making snide comments about a N50 Billion World Bank loan, given to Oshiomhole’s government.

Read all the allegations Omo-Ojo has heaped on Oshiomhole’s head here: Oshiomhole Spent N14Billion On Website – Omo-Ojo – Politics – Nigeria

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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