Festivals Of Nsukka

A number of festivals are celebrated by the people of Nsukka, including the Omabe Masquerade Festival; the Onwa Eto, or Onwa Ito (the 3rd moon) Festival, which is characterised by the slaughtering of several fowls in each household for each child in the household and in memory of deceased family members.

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The Onwa Ise (the 5th moon Festival – which is also known as the moon that marks the beginning of the harvesting of yams (some people call it the New Yam Festival in English Language).

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Onwa Esa’a (the 7th moon Festival); the Onunu Festival which is a sort of carnival characterised by the going to the ‘Nkwo’ market Arena (where the ‘Oromme’ Dance, traditional wrestling, etc., was performed).

The Onwa Esa’a (the 7th Moon Festival) is noted as the period for the commencement of the eating of cocoyam. Of the numerous festivals by which Nsukka was known, only the Omabe festival is still being widely celebrated in the town.

This is sad: to hear that most festivals are no longer celebrated. Igbo language is facing threat of extinction. Our festivals should not be allowed to also start fading.

I call on Igbo philanthropists to do something to revive some of the fading Nsukka festivals before it is too late.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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