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Video: Ofalla Festival Ndi Enugu Ukwu

Ofalla Festivals are ceremonies where the Igwes of Igbo towns and their community members come together to celebrate his reign.

During ofalla festivals, indigenes of the town come from all over the world to celebrate. Enugu Ukwu is a popular community in Anambra State, Igboland, South Eastern Nigeria. Enugu Ukwu literately means ‘Up A Great Hill’.

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We hereby present the Igbo ofalla festival, Enugu Ukwu style. Let us continue promoting our wonderful culture as Igbos while uprooting any inhuman elements in it. Enjoy.


Festivals Of Nsukka

A number of festivals are celebrated by the people of Nsukka, including the Omabe Masquerade Festival; the Onwa Eto, or Onwa Ito (the 3rd moon) Festival, which is characterised by the slaughtering of several fowls in each household for each child in the household and in memory of deceased family members.

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Egungun Festival Otta: Roads To Avoid Taking Tomorrow

I saw this urgent announcement online and knew I just have to share. It is unconfirmed at the moment but can save lives, especially for those who travel to Otta for church services tomorrow. If you are traveling to Ottawa tomorrow, kindly make further inquiries about the did and donts.

See below :

There is Egugun ( Masquerade) festival in Otta on Sunday lasting till 4am. Those going for 1st service should not arrive in Otta before 5am. Kindly take under the overhead bridge


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The Masquerades Of Umuoji, Igbo Land

Umuoji is a unique town in Igbo Land. It was formed by both Nri and Aro elements. It has both an Eze and an Igwe.

We brought you a list of the famous masquerades in their villages, including the famous Akwunechenyi, which is known as the biggest masquerade in Africa.

AKWUNECHENYI (Aboh village), EGBENU OBA (Anogu village), NYAKWULU (Aguma village), AGU (Agumaelum village), ENYI (Abidi village), …