EFCC Account Freeze: Will Fayose Be Impeached?

Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state is a man whose politics is frequently interspersed with controversy. During his first term in office, his running quarrels with then President Obasanjo heralded his impeachment and political exile from Ekiti State for several years.

So crushing was his defeat in the hands of the political powers then that his political fortune lay in smouldered ruins. But like a phoenix, after some years in the political wilderness, he rose again to become Governor of his state for the second time.

But with his second coming came another controversy concerning a serving president. This the president was not General Obasanjo, but General Buhari. It has led to a De Ja Vu scenario, where one thing has led to another until it seems controversy wants to lead to a repeat of history.

Fayose’s most serious political problems, always seem to start from outside Ekiti before his opposition within Ekiti finishes up the job by slaughtering him on the political slab of impeachment. If political thunder is to strike twice on the same spot, before long serious opposition within Ekiti will then take over, resulting in a serious move to impeach him.

Since the second coming of Ayodele Fayose to Ekiti State’s Governorship, the question uppermost on people’s mind has been: will he be able to survive politically on that seat, given the fact that the man never runs away from controversy, but seems to embrace it, even controversy with people who wield Federal might.

Look at the way he took on Buhari recently by flying to China to try and stop the Chinese from giving the Federal Government a multi-billion dollar loan sorely needed by the Federal Government. People thought that Buhari would the break his code of public silence over anything

People thought that Buhari would the break his code of public silence over anything Fayose, but the Daura born poliican refused to engage the Ekiti political meastro, unlike Obasanjo who had serious public battles with the stormy petrel of Ekiti politics.

Anyway, the most serious outside attack on Fayose appears in his second term seems to have come from unexpected quaters, from the EFCC.

The anti-graft body yesterday froze Fayose’s private Zenith Bank account, and Fayose is not finding it funny at all. Sources have said the EFCC took the action after it was able to trace N1.2 billion and N500 million to the account.

Everbody is presumed innocet until proven guilty, according to the law, but if the account is found to have been used to launder money, Fayose’s political enemies within Ekiti are sure to jump on such to move to make a concerted move to impeach him. If he is impeached, he would break the record as the only Nigerian Governor to be impeached twice.

But with the involvement of the EFCC, that may lead to his prosecution like the kind Sambo Dasuki is facing currently.

But, if it will come to impeachment, Fayose is not likely to go easily. He surely has learnt one or two things about fighting impeachment moves. Recall his battles with the last Ekiti House of Assembly.


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