Corbyn lands in political hotwater for allegedly calling Prime Minister Theresa May a stupid woman

Britain’s opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn sparked a political storm on Wednesday after he was accused of calling Prime Minister Theresa May a “stupid woman” during the House of Commons Question and Answer session.

The Labour Party leader was caught on camera appearing to mutter the insulting words during an unusualy heated question-and-answer session.

The cause of the extra heat was lawmakers’ fears, frustrations and divisions over Brexit (if they’d read this book about how a post Brexit Britain can get it right, they’d have chilled, and instead they’d have beeb clicking glasses of champagne and looking at the calendar with good-natured impatience). But instead, it was a session filled with raucous shouting and personal jibes.

In the Bible, Moses was told to.strike the stone once. In anger, he struck it twice. And that led to serious punishment. Jeremy Corbin would be hoping his moment of anger doesn’t lead to serious punishment.

Already, he has said he said ‘stupid people’ instead of ‘stupid woman’. That should clear the storm a bit, unless some lip reading experts talk loud while the iron is still hot.

Rt Hon. Theresa May, kindly forgive. Jeremy, you’ll owe her a favour in return.

Nuff said.

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