Actress Gets Bitten By Colleague On Location In Lagos

Actress Princess Chineke said;

She bounced on my lap with her teeth.She hit me in their front b4 I could hit back the men cane in separated us.She said check your leg see what I did to you?I didn’t feel the pain untill I went to pee I saw she ripped my washed pants in the bathroom.I pulled the pyjamas and saw a chunk of my flesh out.Showed it to every one who ran to the room.

Source: Actress Princess Chineke Alleges Fellow Actress Chrystabel Goddy Bit Her Lap On Location (Photos) – CityPeople Magazine Nigeria | Nigerian Celerbrities | Entertainment | Stars

Now, if that happened, it is very bad. I saw that wound and it was very ugly. and I just have to ask: why would a human being allow the devil to use them like that? Simply not cool at all. If Princess sues you for assault now, them go begin dey beg am to forgive. Why scar your fellow woman like that?

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