About The Ogbuagu (Lion Killer) Title In Igbo Land

Legend has it that people who hold the title of Ogbuagu in Igbo Land are…

expected to have either wrestled with a lion, or killed one with a spear.

They are then expected to skin the dead beast, dry the skin and hang it in their Obi (parlour) as evidence of their bravery.

If you have ever hunted lions, you would know that it is not an exploit for the fainthearted.

Hunters would tell you that the moment you are about to shoot a lion, that is a very decisive moment, because if you miss…

But if you are able to look your fear in the face and do what you are afraid to do by killing the lion, you receive accolades for life from your community, maka na o diro ofele.

Senator Arthur Nzeribe is one holder of such title. There are several others.

It is not easy to hunt down a lion. Animal rights activists and vegetarians will not be happy with this. But hunters will.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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