77 Igbo Kings had ruled Ife before the Yoruba warrior Oduduwa arrived, starting from about 300 BC- Christisthetruth001

A Nairalander with the moniker Chtististruth00 has affirmed the fact that Igbos were the Aborigines of Ile Ife. According to him, 77 Igbo aboriginal kings had ruled Ife before the warrior Oduduwa arrived the scene and created a new order.

In a Nairaland post, he wrote;

They (Igbo and Yoruba) split when Oduduwa arrived about 1000 AD.  He met Igbos at Ife.

The Bini also came from Ife. In fact, the ancient Ife Kingdom reached River Niger where Asaba is today, and went as far westward as Atakampe in Togo where the people of the region are still called Ife today.

Yoruba oral History recorded that the Igbos became scattered all over Yorubaland after Oduduwa overpowered their King at Ife.

But I believe there is genetic and linguistic evidence to show they were scattered all over southern Nigeria.

77 Igbo Kings had ruled Ife before Oduduwas arrival starting from about 300 BC.

The earliest Igbo founders of Ife were called Ooyelaagbo which means the Survivors of the great flood, which Yorubas believe was the same as Noah’s flood of the Bible.

The Igbo kings of ancient Ife Christisthetruth00 is referring to are the Obatalas.

They also had the title Oba Igbo and Osere Igbo

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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