7 reasons why Trump is not going to destroy the world with nuclear bombs

Opponents of Donald Trump have been trying to characterize him as someone too dangerous to be in charge of America’s nuclear arsenal, claiming that with him 8n charge, the world is in danger of nuclear war. But are they right? I give you 10 reasons why they are very wrong. This is a light hearted article meant to lightly poke fun at insinuations that because Trump is POTUS, the world would come to an end.

1. Donald Trump has Trump Towers all over the world, and will not like to see them destroyed. In case you havent noticed, a   lot of Donald Trump’s property investments are named after him, for instance Trump Tower in Turkey, and Trump Tower in The Philippines. For someone like Trump who loves his name and eponymous brand, do you think he would throw a nuclear bomb to destroy the country where it is hosted, and reduce his client base? As the Romans would say; ‘Nehi!’.

2. Trump loves Slav culture: Donald Trump loves Slav culture. This is clear from the fact that he has married twice from the Sla9v race. That is the race that encompasses Russia, Bulgaria, Slovenia where his current wife is from. I dont think he would ant to nuke such a race after loving there women.

3. Trump loves deal making: If you have read Donald Trump’s book, ‘The Art Of The Deal’, you will realise that he loves making big business deals. In fact, it is a family tradition, as his daughter Ivanka is also known to be big on international deals. Trump himself has been accused of dealmaking with Indian businessmen during his presidential transition ( he should not make money to feed his family again, abi). Do you think he would nuke India or any other country where he can make a deal? As the Russians would say,’Niet!’

4. Who would America sell its goods to if Trump nukes the world? Trump has sworn to make America Great Again. And part of that greatness, I would imagine would be to ramp up American exports to other countries. America has so many products they love to export, like their IPhones, Ford cars, Hollywood movies, KFC restaurants, Hilton Hotels, Trump golf courses, etc. If Trump should nuke the world were would America export all these goodies to?

5. Trump loves Scotland:

Remember he owns this beautiful golf course in Scotland. So dear is this golf course to his heart that during his presidential campaign he actually took some time off to go there. You want him to lose that to? You wicked o ( just joking).

6. Trump like the Queen has German roots: One thing Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Donald Trump share is German roots. Their ancestors travelled to their present countries from some German village or the other. Because of it, it is imaginable that they habe a tinge of love for Germany. No matter how Chancellor Angela Merckel or President Stenmeiyer of Germany criticize Trump, I dont see him losing love for the land of his origin. Do you?

7. Evangelical Christians wont allow him to: Evangelical Christians helped propel Trump to the White House, and if you are an evangelical Christian, you know how important it still is to evangelize to other peoples in distant places of the earth where the gospel has not reached. Do you think the evangelicals would fold their hands and watch Trump press the nuclear button? Hell no!

If you read all these, you will find that Donald Trump is not likely to destroy the world with nuclear weapons, even though ‘they’ have painted him as a maniac who would do so without thinking. So, you can relax. Trump will do his eight years and the sweet world will continue- unless Jesus comes to save us- from our sins.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


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