6 things NITEL should do to get Nigerians to buy its SIM cards like hot cakes!

Nigerians can now get your NITEL SIM card, and start making calls with the network. This is because NITEL has finally rolled out its GSM services, after years of expectations from Nigerian GSM users.

But NITEL faces stiff competition from other networks that have entrenched themselves over the years. Having said that, there are service vacuums they can fill and thereby have a jumping start at winning the hearts and money of Nigerians.

Without further delay, here are 6 tactics NITEL should apply to win the hearts of Nigerians:

  1. Don’t Allow Unsolicited/SPAM Messages: One thing NITEL should not do is allow unsolicited spam text messages to be sent to its users. That is one thing that annoys Nigerian GSM users a lot and they can port from a network just because of that.
  2.  Provide Cheap & Fast Data: Nigerians would surely embrace NITEL if it provides cheap fast data services that enables Nigerians to enjoy their favourite sites like Facebook, Nairaland, Igbodefender and others. But if NITEL data services are poor or too expensive…
  3. Provide Cheaper Calls: Look at the call prices your competitors are offering per second, and then charge much cheaper than that. The word would quickly spread and Nigerians will flock to your service.
  4. Say No To Poor Network Services: There is a certain network whose workers have boasted that they always meet their financial target for the year by September every year, and after that they begin to slack in providing good network services – but they don’t mind. NITEL, even if you meet your financial target by March every year, don’t use that as an excuse to slack. Remember: Nigerians are not fools.
  5. Help Nigerians (CSR): Imitate those GSM services that have charitable foundations and robust CSR services. In other words, always be seen to give back. Nigerians will love you and flock to you.
  6. Provide Excellent Customer Service: Yes, NITEL, you were formerly government owned, but that doesn’t give you the excuse not to provide great customer service. Monitor your customer service people, and once anyone of them is caught beeing rude to customers, the person should immediately be sent to a back-room department where they wont be able to speak to your customers and spoil your market.

NITEL, provide great service and watch Nigerians port to your network in droves. Your overarching strategy should be Low Price-High Technology-Great Service.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


    1. Thanks, Sir. Even though they have not officially released it, Miss Techy says these are the data plans they will release (see below):

      Boquet Amount(N) Validity Benefits
      Smart Phone Starter N1,000 3 days Unlimited data,30minutes voice calls, SMS
      Standard Plan N2,400 7 days Unlimited Data,70minutes calls, SMS
      Monthly plans N9,000 30 days Unlimited data, 300 minutes calls, SMS

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