Big 3 powers (not UK, US and EU) to meet at summit to decide Syria’s future 

Remember the Yalta Summit of 1944 where Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met to decide the future of the post WW2 world? Well, now, power is shifting centralwise quickly.

The world’s cop and major super power, the US won’t be anywhere near when Erdogan (Turkey), Putin (Russia) and Rouhani (Iran) meet on Wednesday to decide the future of Syria, a major theatre of global conflict. 

Iran, Turkey and Russia have come ou of the Syria war with way more influence than Western countries- an ‘anomaly’ in  a world where Western countries like Great Britain and France have long been used to calling the shots globally.

Today, it is Iran with its Hezbollah extension, Turkey with its neo-Ottoman ambitions and Russia with its resurgent military technology that have the clout to decide what must be in the Syria situation.

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