CRIMEA 2.0?: Fears grow that newly combative China may suddenly seize Taiwan.

 Communist Party mouthpiece the Global Times is even calling for the arrest of Taiwan’s Premier for statements he made promoting the independence of Taiwan. China is really serious when it says it considers Taiwan to be nothing but a renegade province that must reunite with ‘the rest of the mainland’.

As China grows in might and confidence, expect it to.become increasingly assertive over Taiwan. Its Great Helmsman Xi Jinping has made it clear that China will develop its military so that it can, in his words, ‘win wars’. How serious is the US about defending Taiwan’s sovereignty in the face of China’s military rise? 

If China has seemed unwilling to challenge Taiwan’s self-rule in the past, it is only because of what Robert Greene calls The Surrender Tactic in his book, 48 Laws Of Power.

From the article in the link, it is clear that rising China is not just after Taiwanese reunification for the sake of nationalistic pride. The article reveals some clear geostrategic advantages to China…

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