5 Street Food Combinations Nigerians Love

Nigeria is a country of hustling people. In Nigeria, the hustle is real. And it reflects in the kind of street foods we have. Below are 6 street foods that show you are Nigerian.

  1. Bread and akara (bean balls): This is the Nigerian equivalent of hamburger. Like hamburger, bread and akara is a very simple food to make: get bread, stuff akara inside and press together. There, you have it. A truly Nigerian snack that will be so tasty, even when you are in the US, your mouth will water just remembering how it tastes. Yum!
  2. Soaking garri and groundnuts a.k.a asoki: Nigerians love soaking garri, which is also nicknamed ‘African cornflakes’. To make asoki, get some garri (a food item made from ground, dried and fried cassava). You might prefer the sour sweet variety called Ijebu garri; or you might prefer the one yellowed with palm oil. Whichever one you prefer, add some sugar, lots of groundnuts and some water to soak (preferably cold water).Voila, you have a lovely porridge that can be so tasty, ‘you’ll forget your name’. Lol.
  3. Banana and groundnuts: this is another great street food combination Nigerians love. It is normally readily available at the motor parks. The banana has a cooling effect on the gullet and the groundnut provides a complimentary taste that is indescribable. Try it to know what I’m talking about.
  4. Agidi and akara: Agidi is made up of congealed corn paste. It is normally eaten cold with hot akara.
  5. Roasted corn and pear/coconut: In Nigeria, roasted corn is habitually eaten together with coconut or roasted pear. You could also boil the pear. I sometimes prefer the pear boiled, as it makes the pear oil dissolve very sweetly in the mouth. Yum yum yum! The combinations produce a unique taste different from when the items are eaten individually. The taste of corn and pear eaten at the same time is better experienced than described.

To experience some of these tastes, you don’t have to travel to Nigeria. For instance, you can conceivably eat corn and coconut anywhere in the world.

But to experience other tastes like agidi and akara, you might just have to visit Naija.

What is certain is that these culinary combinations will give you a taste of the Naija hustle way. Enjoy.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


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