Egungun Festival Otta: Roads To Avoid Taking Tomorrow

I saw this urgent announcement online and knew I just have to share. It is unconfirmed at the moment but can save lives, especially for those who travel to Otta for church services tomorrow. If you are traveling to Ottawa tomorrow, kindly make further inquiries about the did and donts.

See below :

There is Egugun ( Masquerade) festival in Otta on Sunday lasting till 4am. Those going for 1st service should not arrive in Otta before 5am. Kindly take under the overhead bridge

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2 Ways Husbands Can Avoid Calamity In Their Marriage

1. Let your wife buy land and encourage her to build on it: Many family discourage wives from buying land and building houses: But understand this: The number one thing a woman seeks in life is security for herself and her offspring.

There is no greater security than owning your own house(es). That means you have a spot of this earth which you can call hour own.

Now, you may say that you as a husband have your own house that you built for your family. But if (God Forbid) something should happen to tomorrow, would your family allow your wife and kids to keep the house? This question is more pertinent if the children are still young. You know our society.

I know a very rich man who helped all his siblings. But one day, he died in an accident. The first thing the dead man’s brother did was…

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How She Spots Nigerian Yahoo Boys – US Lady Reveals

An American lady has said she is able to identify Nigerian yahoo boys because they usually ask “How was your night’s rest?” instead of “How did you sleep?”

In her own words:

They are so easy to spot they come in as friend request on all my social media sites. If I’m on a dating platform I can tell which ones are the scammers from Nigeria just by the profile but obviously after they start talking.

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