2019: What we will tell Igbos- Chris Ngige

While speaking to Thisday recently on  what the All Progressives Congress (APC) will be campaigning on ahead 2019 to get Igbo support, Minister of Labour and Productivity, Senator Chris Ngige disclosed that the ruling party would appeal to Igbos using President Muhamadu Buhai’s anti-corrupion record.

He said, “Well, I’m from the South-east, so when we get there we will show them that first and foremost we have fought corruption to a standstill and that people can no longer steal at will, much less keeping such monies at home.

“The movement was from the bank to the house, but now that homes have been raided, maybe they will go to the farm to keep them. But people cannot steal money because there is no hiding place anymore.

“They cannot steal primitively like it was done before. The poor people of Nigerian are happy about this,” he said.

Analysts feel the Buhari administration would need to at least combine this message with a list of solid development strides taken to alleviate marginalization of Igbos and Igbo areas. They frown at the recent decision to exclude the South East from benefitting from the infrastructural development loan the Federal Government is trying to secure from China.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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